Bates Named Herald All-Scholastic

December 22nd, 2011 by admin

Boston, MA–The Boston Herald has named Sr. LB/RB Zack Bates a 2011 All-Scholastic.  Bates was the catalyst behind the Warriors run to the Division IIA Super Bowl.

Bates, who had 132 tackles and 635 yards rushing this past season, played in a Superbowl each of his four years in high school. His freshman season he played for Arlington Catholic while his sophomore and junior seasons were spent at Reading.

This is the 10th player to be named an All-Scholastic under Coach Mike Boyages.  Most recently Anthony Fabiano-’11 was selected as a Herald All-Scholastic in 2010.

“Zack is an exceptional kid and most deserving of this honor,” said Coach Boyages. “He was a pleasure to coach and I wish we had him for more than the year that we did.  I know he will be successful in whatever he does in life.  To play in four Super Bowls is unheard of….he is a special kid.”

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