Coach Boyages Reaches Milestone and Warriors Win Third Straight

November 7th, 2010 by admin

Burlington MA – The Warriors kept the streak alive Friday night when they beat Burlington to clinch their third straight win. This was a special night for Wakefield, not only did it improve the Warriors league record to 4-3, but it also marked the 100th win for head coach Mike Boyages as coach of the Wakefield Warriors. It was a close game, but in the end, Wakefield came away with the victory. The final score was Wakefield 37, Burlington 29.

The first half was completely in Wakefield’s favor. In the first quarter, Senior Vinny DeSciscio of Wakefield ran the ball for a huge gain of yards. The Warriors were easily in position to score. Following a 2yd run from Junior Josh Puccio, they did score. With a successful extra point attempt, the score was Wakefield 7, Burlington 0. Senior Vinny DeSciscio was again able to score for Wakefield in the second quarter. With another extra point conversion the score was Wakefield 14, Burlington 0. After a long Warrior drive, Senior Anthony Fabiano, was able to score a touchdown run. The Warriors then had a successful two point conversion that put the score at Wakefield 22, Burlington 0.

The second half was much more even and hard fought. Burlington scored early in the third quarter, but was countered by a touchdown run from Senior Vinny DeSciscio of Wakefield. By the end of the quarter Burlington scored a second time, and finished the quarter with an interception. Going into the fourth the score was Wakefield 29, Burlington 14. Burlington scored again early in the quarter, but missed the extra point. Then once again following a Burlington dominated drive, The Red Devils scored a field goal to put the score at Wakefield 29, Burlington 23. To assure the win, Senior Vinny DeSciscio was able to score yet again for Wakefield, and a two point conversion was made by Junior Josh Puccio. However, Burlington finished strong with a long drive to score the final points of the game with a touchdown pass. The final score was Wakefield 37, Burlington 29.

This article was written by Warrior Club Sports Information Director Mark Thayer

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