Lynn English Tops Wakefield

September 17th, 2011 by admin

Wakefield, MA– Lynn English beat the Warriors in a hard fought gridiron battle on Friday night. It was anybody’s game through the first half, but come the third quarter, Lynn began to solidify their dominance. Quarterback, Senior James Bourque, came through with some well executed plays, including a 17 yard gain on a pass to Senior Matt McKenna. The Warrior’s defense also turned in a strong performance.  A missed snap from Lynn’s offense was recovered by Senior Zach Bates. When Wakefield could not capitalize, Lynn took possession and moved the chains, pushing themselves down the field and scoring the first points of the game. Heading into the second quarter; the score was Wakefield- 0, Lynn- 7.

Come the second quarter Wakefield was able to score   with the continued performance of quarterback, James Bourque. Following a reception by Junior Dan Cardillo, a run from Bourque put Wakefield on the board: Wakefield- 6, Lynn-7. Later in the second quarter, Junior Luke Ingersoll was able to recover another fumbled snap by Lynn.  Junior Alec Brown later reeled in an interception, and kept the ball in the hands of the Warrior’s offense. Returning from halftime, the Warriors had a hard time staying in the game. In the third quarter Lynn was able to score, and almost immediately gained back possession due to an intercepted pass from Bourque; making the score Wakefield- 6, Lynn- 14. The third quarter ended off the heels of an interception, made by Wakefield’s Sophomore Michael Miller.

Ushering in the fourth quarter Lynn once again found a way through the Warrior’s defenses, and into the end zone. This put up the final score of Wakefield-6, Lynn- 21. Following the game, Head Coach Mike Boyages stated that Wakefield’s running game could have made a big difference and will be worked on in the weeks ahead.


Wakefield                          0              6              0              0                              6

Lynn                                  7              0              7              7                              21

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