Julio O. Encarnacao Sr. Memorial Award

Julio Encarnacao immigrated to this country at the age of nineteen from Cape Verde eventually making Wakefield his home. He raised 12 children, eight boys and 4 girls, and enriched his family with the ethic and attitude by which he lived. From early morning to late at night Julio worked hard every day but somehow he always found the time to teach his children different aspects of life. He encouraged their school participation and attended their sporting events. He stressed the importance of citizen involvement and taught them the basics like how to plant, harvest and preserve the output of a garden for the winter months. All along his sound advice was stated in simple terms: ‘If a job is worth doing – it’s worth doing to the best of your ability.’ Mr. and Mrs. Julio Encarnacao’s children believed their parents to be ‘the hardest working people ever.’ Although the times were tough in the era in which they were brought up, the large Encarnacao family was a success by working together as part of the family team.

The current contact and administrator of this award, Mr. John Encarnacao, the son of Julio, demonstrates the success and achievement the Encarnacao work ethic produces. From Captain of the 1955-56 Wakefield football team to graduate of The Massachusetts Military Academy, to logistics officer, to retired full Colonel of the National Guard of 36 years; from 1956 Wakefield Class President to member of The Wakefield School Committee for 21 years, to current Wakefield Selectman approaching 12 years; from construction company owner to civilian construction project manager for the National Guard; from 1 of 12 children encouraged to participate by his parents to father of 5 outstanding children. It is clear the ‘Team’ Encarnacao concept works. Once in charge of 900 men and millions of dollars in construction equipment John Encarnacao modestly states, ‘I was and am only as good as the people around me.’ But one cannot overlook the leaders and team players that are crucial for any successful organization.

There are not many, if any, family names who appear more throughout the history of Wakefield High School. Just in Wakefield Football history you can see four former captains, two former recipients of this award, and many more Encarnacaos’ who dot the rosters of yesteryear. Established in 1979, The Julio O. Encarnacao Award is the longest running honor of distinction given by the Warrior Football program. It is designed to memorialize a man by recognizing a player for his leadership, citizenship, team spirit and dedication. However, the award also allows an accomplished family to give back to the community in the same manner by which they were taught; by rewarding and encouraging the recipient to continue to live as he plays within the same traditional hard work ethic reminiscent of Julio Encarnacao.

Julio O. Encarnacao Sr. Memorial Award

Awarded to a Wakefield High School Varsity Player who best exemplifies citizenship, leadership and dedication to the football team, and the spirit of Wakefield High School.

Fall Of Julio Encarnacao GradYr
2015 Mike Moran 2016
2014 Eric Schilling 2015
2013 Zack Levine 2014
2012 Tyler MacDonald 2013
2011 Nick Calderone 2012
2010 Vin DeSciscio 2011
2009 Jon Puccio 2010
2008 Justin Perry 2009
2007 Cliff Pebley 2008
2006 Chris Roberto 2007
2005 Marc Fiore 2006
2004 Michael Flynn 2005
2003 Christopher Fiore 2004
2002 Richard Bruno 2003
2001 Eric Sterite 2002
2000 Gregory Marullo 2001
1999 Richard Heimbecker 2000
1998 David Forster 1999
1997 Richard Barbaro 1998
1996 Matthew Mahoney 1997
1995 John Pace 1996
1994 Michael Agri 1995
1993 Brenan Callahan 1994
1992 Patrick Killkelly 1993
1991 Paul Moccia 1992
1990 Christopher Defeo 1991
1989 Anthony Encarnacao 1990
1988 Matthew Chase 1989
1987 John Encarnacao 1988
1986 Dave Healey 1987
1985 Richard Phipps 1986
1984 Brian Bisacre 1985
1983 Ken Ingersoll 1984
1982 William Tucker 1983
1981 Mark Marino 1982
1980 Joseph Amyouny 1981
1979 James Buonopane 1980

1979 Julio O. and Olivia Encarnacao Citizens’ Scholarship Fund of Wakefield Established