Record Book

Touchdown Passes Single Game
# Player Year Opponent
5 Tom Holmes 1966 Woburn
Touchdown Passes Single Season
# Player Season
22 Mike Miller 2012
Longest Pass Play For Touchdown
Yards Passer Receiver Year Opponent
91 Mike Murphy Jason Farrell 1994 Belmont
Touchdown Receptions Single Game
# Player Year Opponent
3 John Porter 1950 Gloucester
3 Alan Thornton 1962 Belmont
3 Fred Gallugi 1973 Stoneham
3 Matt Tyre 2006 Woburn
Touchdown Receptions Single Season
# Player Year
7 Alan Thorton 1962
7 Steve Carmody 1982
7 Bruce Brown 2012
Most Touchdowns Single Game
# Player Year Opponent
6 Tate
Cummings HOF
1919 Woburn
Longest Scrimmage Run For Touchdown
Yards Player Season Opponent
100 Tom Conroy HOF 1937 Cambridge Latin
Longest Punt Return For Touchdown
Yards Player Year Opponent
90 E. Holland 1903 Medford
90 Nick Fiore 2000 Melrose
Longest Kickoff Return For Touchdown
Yards Player Year Opponent
98 Nick Fiore 2001 Lexington
Most Rushing Yards Single Season
# Player Season
1639 Martin Hyppolite 2008
Most Career Rushing Yards
# Player Era
2759 Martin Hyppolite 2006-07-08
Most Passing Yards in a Single Game
Yards Player Opponent Year
324 Mike Miller Stoneham 2012
Most Single Season Passing Yards
Yards Player Year
1871 Mike Miller 2012
Most Career Passing Yards
Yards Player Year
2687 Mike Miller 2012-2013
Longest Fumble Return For Score
Yards Player Opponent Year
99 Jason Farrell Woburn 1995
Longest Interception Return For Score
Yards Player Opponent Year
97 Paul Gonnella HOF Lexington 1987
Longest Field Goal
Yards Player Year Opponent
44 Jason Farrell 1995 Lexington
Most Points After Touchdown (PAT) Single Game
# Player Opponent Year
6 Russell Callahan Stoneham 1920
6 Tom Stapleton Watertown 2002
Scoring Leader Single Season
Points Player Year
185 Martin Hyppolite 2008
Scoring Leader Career
Points Player Era
269 Martin Hyppolite 2006-08



The statistics used on these pages may require an apology to all Wakefield players who participated in the football program before the nineteen seventies. Supposedly a fire at the Wakefield High School in 1971 destroyed all football records before that date and efforts to prove that theory incorrect have not been successful. The Wakefield Daily Item does have copies of the newspaper on microfilm available for anyone to see at the library but clearly sports writing at the high school level were not as focused on certain accumulated statistics as we are today.

Mr. Carl Provost, a former sportswriter for the Daily Times, put together a book which summarized each Wakefield football year from 1900 to 1986. Although Mr. Provost’s compiled statistics can be found and nearly always verified on The Wakefield Daily Item microfilm, without his head start, the record and the team pages would probably not have been attempted. Unfortunately, the newspapers usually would not write about a reception or a run unless it was associated with a scoring play and the box scores we enjoy today did not exist. To try and gather data for a different category other than what appears here, like most passes completed or received in a game or season, would require reading over a century worth of sports pages that still might not contain all the information required. Therefore, these are the record categories which exist on these pages and also why the lowest achiever in each category is usually a pre-1987 player who serves as the bottom benchmark to add new records.

However, it was felt that four categories should be added: single season and career, passing and rushing yards. Some yardage statistics expressed here have been taken from a players Hall of Fame plaque but efforts to find sources which provided statistics for the Hall Of Fame members have also not been successful. Although all years have not been reviewed in the Wakefield Item, it can be said that total yardage statistics appear only rarely in the first seventy years of Wakefield football reporting. A thorough investigative research in the Wakefield Daily Item and other sources for future concerned statisticians should reveal more qualifiers in the yardage categories. Things did get a lot better in the 1980’s when the writers started to notate yardage but even these totals are subject to the human error of the original newspaper writer and the people who compiled the statistics for this website. Ultimately, the statistics on this page were a place to start and expand upon but yardage statistics probably do not reflect the accomplishments of all of our deserving ‘older’ high school stars and might be the only reason why very few ‘older’ players are members of the yardage record categories.

Finally, it became the consensus of the Wakefield football community at the conclusion of the 1970 football season that Mr. John Rafferty became the leading single season and career rushing leader in yards. However, as general knowledge, an upper-most leader in single season or career passing yards was never established. It is the pre-1980’s quarterbacks’ records which warrant further research and consideration.

Corrections are welcomed and encouraged for the sake of historical accuracy or else we will just have to live with what you see.