Wakefield Beats Arlington, Winning Third Straight Game

October 8th, 2011 by admin

Wakefield, MA- The Warriors, heading onto the field for the game against Arlington Thursday night had a tremendous team spirit. Having your name cheered or number called out in a victorious roar was not a goal for any of the Warriors. Their goal was simple and served to the benefit of the team. Each and every player wanted to give everything they had to solidify the team’s domination on every play. It’s not their names in a paper they want, it’s a win earned by hard work, determination, and team mentality.

Winning their third straight game: Wakefield-28, Arlington-7, it was clear that every player from Wakefield did their jobs and did them well. To start the game, Wakefield attempted an onside kick that was recovered by Arlington. The Warrior’s defense was able to hold Arlington back and put the ball back in Wakefield’s control. The ball changed hands once again when Wakefield was unable to score. Batting down a third and seven pass attempt, Wakefield forced Arlington to punt. Senior Josh Puccio was then able to run the ball for a touchdown. To end the first, Junior Luke Ingersoll pressured Arlington’s quarterback, leading to an interception made by Senior Josh Puccio. With a score of Wakefield 7, Arlington 0, heading into the second, Arlington looked to even the score. Arlington’s defense was able to intercept Senior James Bourque’s pass. The Warrior’s defense was again able to keep Arlington at bay. After a long punt return, Senior Josh Puccio was able to score again on a run into the end zone. After an unsuccessful drive by Arlington, Wakefield scored again with a pass from Senior James Bourque to Junior Dan Cardillo. At half time the score was Wakefield 21, Arlington 0.

In the third quarter, Wakefield was able to move the chains with successful passes to Senior Matt McKenna and Senior Nick Calderone. On a pass to Senior Matt McKenna, Wakefield was able to score again. Heading into the fourth quarter, the score was Wakefield 28, Arlington 0. Arlington was able to control the ball on offense for most of the fourth quarter. In the final minutes of the game, Arlington was able to pass the ball for a touchdown. Looking to score at least once more in the game, Arlington successfully recovered an onside kick. In the final seconds of the game, Arlington passed to the end zone but was intercepted by Junior Devin O’Donnell. The final score was Wakefield 28, Arlington 7.


Wakefield–     7          14        7          0                      28

Arlington–      0          0          0          7                      7

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