Wakefield Beats Winchester At Homecoming

September 24th, 2011 by admin

Wakefield, MA- The homecoming game for the Warriors turned out to be a huge success. Wakefield beat Winchester 33-0. Winchester could not seem to find a way into the game. With both the Warrior’s offense and defense playing so well, it was clear that it was Wakefield’s game to lose.

Multiple runs by Senior Josh Puccio, including a 25yd run and a successful run into the end zone solidified a successful opening drive for Wakefield. With a successful extra point attempt the score was Wakefield 7, Winchester 0. Defensively Wakefield caught some breaks when Winchester received penalties on multiple occasions.  However this didn’t cause the Warrior defense to relent. Junior Alec Brown stopped a run attempt by Winchester and helped put the ball back in Wakefield’s possession. Later in the first, Junior Dan Cardillo was able to run the ball for another Wakefield touchdown. Another successful extra point attempt raised the score to Wakefield 14, Winchester 0. Following a fumble in the backfield by Winchester, Wakefield’s Junior Mike Amentola, was able to recover the football to ring in the second quarter. With Wakefield’s defense continuing to play hard, Winchester was not able to stay in the game. Defensive actions, like the key stops, made by Junior Alec Brown, Junior Tyler MacDonald, and Junior Nick Salamone kept Winchester from reaching the end zone.  After multiple passes completed to Senior Nick Calderone, Senior James Bourque was in a position to run the ball for a Wakefield touchdown. The extra point attempt was stopped by Winchester, leaving the score at Wakefield 20, Winchester 0; heading into the second half.

The Warriors stayed strong in the second half. A 58yd return by Senior Nick Calderone, once again put Wakefield in a position to score. The Warriors were not able to capitalize on this occasion and the ball was turned over to Winchester on 4th down. Following an unsuccessful drive by Winchester, a pass from Senior James Bourque to Senior Matt McKenna put the Warriors in the end zone once again. The extra point attempt was stopped by Winchester for the second time, leaving the score at Wakefield 26, Winchester 0. The 4th quarter started off well for Wakefield when Sophomore Mike Miller intercepted a pass by Winchester. Junior Sam Benoit was then able to run the ball to the end zone for a Warrior touchdown. A successful extra point attempt put up the final score of Wakefield 33, Winchester 0.  Wakefield’s defense kept Winchester from scoring to finish off a successful homecoming for the Warriors.


Wakefield-                 14               6                     6                     7                                33

Winchester-                 0               0                     0                     0                                0

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