Wakefield Defeats Watertown 39-0

November 12th, 2011 by admin

Wakefield, MA- The Warriors found their winning spirit again this week. Wakefield was able to top Watertown 39-0. This week Senior James Bourque beat the single season passing record for Wakefield. The record was previously held by Kevin Lucey-’85 who passed 1,393 yards in a ten game season.

Wakefield dominated the field from the opening kickoff through the final whistle of the game. In the first quarter, Senior Josh Puccio ran for a Warrior’s touchdown. Watertown’s offense was held at bay due to a tremendous defense that Wakefield brought to the game. Sophomore Zack Levine stopped the Raiders quarterback behind the line of scrimmage ending the first quarter. Starting of the second quarter, Senior Josh Puccio intercepted a pass attempt from Watertown. Junior Dan Cardillo then ran for another Warrior’s touchdown. Wakefield’s defense stepped up once again when Junior Alec Brown successfully striped the ball and returned possession to the Warriors. Senior James Bourque took advantage of the opportunity to score again and passed to Senior Matt McKenna who scored the third Wakefield touchdown of the half. After the Raiders turned the ball back over to Wakefield, Senior James Bourque found the end zone himself, running the ball for the fourth touchdown of the half. Heading into the third quarter, the score was Wakefield 27, Watertown, 0.

The third quarter of the game was plagued with penalties, and both Watertown and Wakefield played a good defense. The Raiders intercepted a pass made by Senior James Bourque but were unable to score. Come the fourth quarter, Wakefield was backed up into their own end zone. Junior Dan Cardillo made a crucial gain by running 21 yards and gaining a first down for Wakefield. The Warriors made their offensive push down field where Senior James Bourque was able to run the ball for another Wakefield touchdown. Junior Sam Benoit soon followed up with a run of his own to score for Wakefield. The final score was Wakefield 39, Watertown, 0.


Wakefield-         7              20           0              12                           39


Watertown-       0              0              0              0                              0

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