Wakefield Tops Melrose on Turkey Day

November 28th, 2010 by admin

Wakefield MA – This year the Warriors all have something extra to be thankful for; a hard fought win against Melrose at the Thanksgiving Day game. This topped off a great winning record for Wakefield, and concluded the season on a high note. The Warriors finished this season with a 6-3 league record, following their 15-7 victory over Melrose.

The game was as close as they come with some great plays by both teams. In the first half the Warriors started with the ball but did not capitalize and were forced to punt on fourth down. On the punt, the ball was tipped by a Melrose player, and then recovered by Wakefield’s Senior Brendan Looby. Junior Josh Puccio was then able to score a five yard touchdown run for Wakefield.  With a successful extra point attempt the score was Wakefield 7, Melrose 0. On Melrose’s next possession they were forced to punt on fourth. The punt was tipped but received by Wakefield’s Sophomore Mark O’Brien. Some big plays of the second quarter included a pass to Senior Anthony Fabiano of Wakefield for a 35yd gain. Melrose later intercepted a Wakefield pass. The first half ended with a score of Wakefield 7, Melrose 0.

It was a back and forth battle in the third quarter that saw no change in score. In the fourth quarter Wakefield was able to recover a tipped punt to Melrose thanks to Senior Brendan Looby. This put Wakefield in line to score, and Senior Vinny DeSciscio did just that with a 5yd touchdown run. The Warriors followed this with a successful two point conversion to put the score at, Wakefield 15, Melrose 0. As the end of the game neared, Melrose was able to score off of a 4yd run. With a successful extra point, Melrose put up the final score of Wakefield 15, Melrose 7.

This was a great way for the Warriors to end their season. A thanks to all of the Seniors on the Warrior’s team is truly necessary. They’ll be moving on but have surely passed on some great motivation to the younger players of the team. With a new batch of players and a great coaching staff expect the Warriors to come back bigger and better then ever next year.

This article was written by Warrior Club Sports Information Director Mark Thayer

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