Wakefield Warriors Upset By Reading Rockets: 27-28

November 5th, 2011 by admin

Wakefield, MA- The Reading Rockets defeated Wakefield in a back and forth game. Reading was trailing by a touchdown in the final minutes of the game, but was able to secure the win with a touchdown and a successful extra two point play. The final score of the game was Wakefield 27, Reading 28.

The Warriors started the game off strong when Senior James Bourque drew the first score of the game, running the ball for a touchdown. Wakefield’s defense was able to keep the Rockets at bay, forcing a turnover on downs. Back on offense, Wakefield’s Senior Matt McKenna helped push towards the end zone, reeling in a pass for a long gain. Senior Zack Bates was then in a position to score and did so by running 15 yards to score. Reading, back on offense pushed their way down the field through the rest of the first quarter. When the second quarter started, The Rockets were left with good field position and were able to score with a 9 yard run made by Alex Valente. The Warriors returned to offense but had a tough time breaking through Reading’s defense. Senior James Bourque’s pass was intercepted by Reading, ending Wakefield’s first offensive drive of the second quarter. The Warriors defense held strong, and was able to stop The Rockets near the goal line. Reading answered with a strong defensive stop, and forced the punt from Wakefield on fourth down. Reading’s quarterback Drew Belcher then made a pass to Ryan Maney for a touchdown tying the game at 14 heading into the half.

Reading kept the pressure on Wakefield by scoring in their first drive of the second half, with a catch made by Jared Barros. The Warriors fought back and made their way to the end zone, where Senior Josh Puccio was able to run 11 yards for a touchdown. Tied at 20-20, Wakefield’s defense came out swinging, and recovered a fumble from Reading. Senior Matt McKenna gained control of a tipped pass and secured a touchdown for Wakefield. Heading into the final quarter, the score was Wakefield 27, Reading 20. Reading turned the ball over on fourth down, but quickly gained back possession by intercepting a pass from Senior James Bourque. Junior Tyler McDonald made a defensive play to hold Reading back by stopping a Rocket’s run in the backfield. Junior Luke Ingersoll then added to the defenses’ key stops by getting to Reading’s quarterback Drew Belcher in the backfield. Senior Josh Puccio then intercepted Belcher’s pass and returned the ball to the Warriors’ hands. The Rockets Defense stepped up to keep Reading in the game. With only minutes left, Wakefield was forced to turn the ball over on fourth down. Reading’s Drew Belcher then lead The Rockets to the end zone putting the score up to Wakefield 27, Reading 26. With only seconds left in the game, Reading decided to go for the win and attempt for two points. Belcher then secured the win by running his way through The Warriors’ line and into the end zone.

Next week The Warriors travel to take on Watertown at 7:00pm on November 11th.




Wakefield-         14           0              13           0                              27


Reading-             0           14            7             7                              28

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