Welcome from the 2012 Football Captains

April 1st, 2012 by wwcpresident

Dear Wakefield High School Football Parents,

The captains of the Wakefield High School Football Team would like to welcome you to the 2012 football season. Although our first football game will be played several months from now, we want to take this opportunity to let you know that people are already working hard to help our team have a successful 2012 season. As captains, we recognize how fortunate our football program is to have the support of the Wakefield Warrior Club. They are clearly our lifeline for continued success in the Middlesex League.

The Warrior Club runs two major fundraisers each year: The Annual Wakefield Warrior Golf Tournament, which will hold its 8th tournament this year on Monday, August 6; and the annual Warrior Discount Card Sale, which is held in early September. Both events have been very successful and have raised a combined total of nearly $25,000 dollars in 2011 which provided the Warrior Club with $32,000 in available funds. Now that you know how much money was raised, you’re asking, “Where does it all go?” The funds raised from the Golf Tournament go directly to the football program and include: coaches’ stipends, field and team room improvements, video equipment and editing software, half-time provisions and playoff/super-bowl activities. Funds raised from the Warrior Discount Cards are spent on the freshman and varsity team banquets, double-session sub-day, pre-season training, photographers/videographers, program book, web-site interns, as well as donations made to the Citizen’s Scholarship Fund in memory of former coach, Ron Wood, as well as former football alumni Justin Marshall.

We hope that this accounting of the Warrior Club fundraising efforts and our acknowledgement of how important the Warrior Club is to the continued success of the WHS Football Program will encourage more parents to participate in the Warrior Club. There are ample opportunities to help with the Warrior Club activities. Your involvement with the Warrior Club will not only help the WHS Football Program to be more successful, it will also help WHS parents save money.

Sincerely yours,

Mike Amentola, Conor Coogan, Tyler MacDonald, Nick Salamone
2012 WHS Football Team Captains

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